The BlackBerry Break-up

We had our moments, but sometimes you just need to move on...

This past October, BlackBerry and I ended our relationship of two years over a trackball disagreement. I rebounded with Droid, and unlike most rebounds, I have found this relationship to be very satisfying and likely long-term.

It’s easy to get into a comfortable groove with your smartphone, but just because the relationship is familiar does not mean you should stay. It wasn’t until I left BlackBerry that I realized that I was, in fact, not in love with its functional ability anymore. It wasn’t just about the trackball. I was beginning to envy other friends and their healthy app relationships. I had become complacent with frequent crashes and one-sided arguments that always ended in a reboot screen. BlackBerry was so familiar, and I’d never known another smartphone relationship. So if it weren’t for the final straw of my trackball becoming permanently stuck in a left-to-right roll pattern, I may have stayed with this mild form of misery to avoid any uncomfortable new operating systems.

However, a clean break is necessary. New can be exciting.

Once you break up, you realize the broad horizon of options available: Versitle apps, faster processers, enhanced graphics cards, wifi compatibility, and OS freedom. Smarter operating systems that can help make you a better smartphone user. However, until you gain the courage to leave, you will never experience the great new options out there.

Appreciate the good times. Just because you’ve broken up does not mean that you should forget your time together – after all, it was your first real smartphone.


About Sara L. Wood
Sara L. Wood is the Manager of Digital Communications for a national non-profit association. Specializing in social media and digital marketing, she is a regular magazine columnist and serves as her company's resident expert in all things online. When not working for her association, Sara manages social media efforts for local non-profit groups in the Washington, DC metro area. Also a music and sports enthusiast, readers may see rogue posts on Led Zeppelin, Dream Theater, golf, and the Philadelphia Eagles. Disclaimer: This is Sara’s personal blog, and all opinions expressed are her own. Any references to her day job are purely anecdotal and are not affiliated with the Association.

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